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We are a little different.  When we opened The Honey Flower Collective we decided to run things differently.  By focusing on patient care, we were able to raise the bar and create an enlightened experience for our patients.  We are constantly looking for new products and offerings, with different deals and specials available. We are known for our legendary CDB honey and oils, which you can find at music events and workshops throughout San Diego.  You’re going to love your experience with The Honey Flower.  We Guarantee It!

Special Orders from the Bakery On Demand!!

The Honey Flower Bakery cooks up the most powerful, delicious, unique edibles you can imagine.  The Bakery on Demand provides custom edibles loaded with CBD.  Do you want CDB lemon bars?  We will make you some!  Do you need CBD only chocolate covered marshmellows?  We can do that too.  The Honey Flower keeps a large stock of edibles on hand to choose from, but The Bakery on Demand is your source for CUSTOM EDIBLES!!  Big or Small – Bakery on Demand can do it all!

Vision Statement:
We can tell a lot about the Earth by the conditions of the state of trees, foods and herbs that occupy it’s soils. Our aim at The Honey Flower Collective is to aideour patients in nourishing their mind, body and spirit; in-spite of the conditions we face around us.  Let us all be a temple and may we all be shining beacons of health and truth for a healthier tomorrow!  “Healing,” Papa would tell me, “is not a science but is the intuitive art of wooing nature.” – W.H. Auden.

Mission Statement:
Our Mission at The Honey Flower Collective is to compassionately aid our clients in healing holistically through education, ancient healing herbs and techniques designed by nature to empower individuals to maintain an awesome, quality filled existence.“ The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.” – FranAoise Voltaire

The Honey Flower Guarantee – We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase, or we will make it right.  


The Honey Flower Specializes In:

  • Providing Organic, Pesticide Free CBD Honey and Oils.  That’s where our name comes from, The Honey Flower!
  • Customer Satisfaction – All CBD purchased through The Honey Flower collective is backed by our Satisfaction Guarantee
We work hard creating and sponsoring local events that promote wellness, a positive marijuana culture, enlightened experiences, and directly benefit our San Diego communities.